Hello, I’m Clinton Forry.

I’m a content designer by trade, and a writer and music fan (in my free time).

Content-ment dot com is the home to the words I’ve put next to one another over the years. Sentences! Paragraphs! (The good ones, anyways.)

This stuff used to be strewn about the internet on lots of platforms. I collected and neatly categorized it all here:

Writing About Content Strategy

From 2006 to 2017, I published over 200 posts about content strategy. I started on Blogger and now we are here. I’ve collected the best of this writing right here on this website.

Music Writing

“Writing about music is like dancing about architecture,” goes the quote. I might do both.

I started buying records with my own money in 1993, and never really stopped. My areas of interest changed from heavy metal in my early days to all sorts of things today. I have a fondness for jazz and classical music especially, plus traditional music from all over the world.


From podcast appearances to posts on other websites to the first book I ever published, it’s all here. More to come, I’m pretty sure.

Other Writing

Things that don’t fall into any of the previous categories lives here. Creative writing, observations, etc.

Top Six Things

You like lists? Well, you like lists. Who the hell don’t?

These are lists of things numbering six. Some funny, some less so. I’ve let the topsixthings dot com domain expire, but the six-ing lives on, right here.