Cutting prices and sneaking it in.

[Photo courtesy of Jungleboy / Flickr]

Red Herring has an article on General Motors’ price cut on the install of XM Satellite Radios in their vehicles from $325 to $199. The widely-read Multi-Housing News site has a story detailing the inclusion of Sirius Satellite Radios in each new-construction apartment from a builder in New York. Then, there are the overwrought portable devices coming out of both camps. Aggressive measures? Desperation?

An analyst, via Engadget, says that there will be a price cut on Sony’s near-obsolete-format using, popularity-slipping, largely confused portable gaming device, the PSP, will get a $50 price cut. It plays music, it plays games, it plays movies [but no FM radio]. It has been marketed as none of the above, and that is part of the problem.

This price cut may be done in hopes of coming closer to the sticker of the surprisingly less-sophisticated portable gaming device from Nintendo, the DS Lite.

Video gaming device success has often hinged upon the appeal of the software. Cooler games sell — and the hardware follows. Nintendo has done well by this: sticking to the core business of making solid content [games] and straightforward devices.


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