Arbitron and schizophrenic media

Mediaweek is reporting that Arbitron will delay the inclusion of satellite radio in diaries for the Fall 2006 sweep. They need time to ensure that folks report things accurately, as some things that are on satellite radio are also on terrestrial radio. Plus, many terrestrial radio stations stream their content online as well.

I wonder how this device will mess things up for Arbitron. Sirius has introduced their new Stilletto, which allows subscriers to stream, via wifi, Sirius programming. Satellite radio without a satellite. On board storage of 2GB of any media, says the Zing! CEO Tim Bucher on this CNET news video clip.

TheStreet details this new Sirius device as well as XM’s continuing troubles with easing up on their super-high-powered RF transmitter in-car units. These super units take the XM signal from your XM receiver, convert it to FM, and transmit it to your car’s regular FM radio, so you don’t have to get under the dash and splice wires to have satellite radio. Unfortunately, they are so powerful as to be picked up by other cars around them, interfering with other terrestrial radio signals.

How would you mark either of those in your Arbitron diary? I heard Sirius via the internet via my Sirius device? I heard XM radio on 87.9 FM, but I don’t have an XM receiver?

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