Whither the mainstream?

The Daily Show will feature Pakistani President Pervez Musharaf. The Tavis Smiley Show had Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez this weekend. Look out Fox, CNN. The relevant content is coming from someone other than those equipped with 24-hour studios and talking heads. Different perspectives. No marching orders from heads of corporation. Only asking what they see […]

What would Edward R. Murrow do?

A Fox News Channel store? Where goes impartiality and integrity when a news organization uses its established brand to sell gum, magazines, and soda to travelers at the Mineappolis / St. Paul Airport? There are two locations in the MSP airport, BTW.

Opera, 2.0

[photo of Enrico Caruso, opera’s first recording superstar] The Metropolitan Opera has just inked a deal with several providers to facilitate the distribution of their operatic ones and zeros. There will be live RealAudio streams on the Met’s website, 1500 historic radio broadcasts available via Rhapsody, live broadcasts over satellite radio, and simulcast of performances […]