What is on the shelf at Target?

A walk over my lunch hour revealed a brand-new, cutting edge technology section at the local Target store.

There were the XM and Sirius-related displays, tons of iPod and other digital music players, and accessories galore. There are even CD-ROMs of applications that allow you to record chunks of Internet Radio streams for deposit directly on your portable player.

New multimedia home HiFi components were on prominent displays. Some featured digital inputs and docks for iPods, others feature Quadrophonic XM HD Digital Surround Sound.

Even KEF loudspeakers, an upmarket boutique manufacturer, are now available at Target.

But I saw no mentions of HD Radio

One thought on “What is on the shelf at Target?

  1. Well, why would they sell a technology that has been plagued with problems and, more importantly, that NOBODY wants? No demand. No supply.

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