WiFi is picking up speed.

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The Superfly Media group convened yesterday to discuss all things WiFi, particularly how it will impact radio stations. Many things were disucssed, but where things got interesting was in how radio was to adapt to these coming challenges. How will stations brand themselves? How can a station be relevant locally and nationally? Can every station be relevant nationally?

This was all very fortuitous, as there has been a flurry of WiFi-related news.

Intel has announced a WiMAX chipset that will allow for “high-speed mobile broadband” for laptop and mobile device users. A second generation of WiFi, of sorts.

Nokia announced almost simultaneously that they will make availalbe to consumers WiMAX-enabled mobile phones in 2008. These will make Internet radio listening via these mobile devices considerably easier.

Pair these two announcements with the rumors of the next-generation iPod featuring WiFi capabilities and I believe we have a big arrow. That arrow is pointing the way to the future. It will be easier and easier to listen to Internet radio while not seated in front of your computer at home.

Radio, don’t be afraid. Take advantage. There are new opportunities to reach different people, and to keep the ones already listening tuned to your offerings.

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