HD Radio get new receivers, retailers

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Circuit City has announced that it will be selling the HD Radio units by the holidays. This blogger wonders about its relevance. It is a clearly uninformed post, pointing to the only gains in the realm of fidelity, offering no mention of PSD or multicasting. But perhaps that is part of the problem. The marketers haven’t even broken through to [at least] this investor-type.

Dice Electronics is ahead of most manufacturers of HD Radio equipment, as evidenced by the HD Dice unit, pictured above. It turns your regular car radio into an HD Radio, plus it offers an iPod controller. Great for convenience, but a bit counterintuitive. Like selling gift certificates for Target at Wal-Mart. Maybe.

On a reaching-the-masses note, Accurian has released an HD Radio at the lowest price point yet — $175. Still a bit much for mass adoption, considering that it is only a radio. But, it has an auxilary input. So you could listen to your iPod. Or, you could spend that $175 buying seventeen albums on iTunes and listen to them on the free headphones that came with it.

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