BBC & Yahoo work with The King

[ image courtesy of freekorps / Flickr ]

Content giants Yahoo and the BBC have just inked a deal where Yahoo will get 30 BBC news clips each day to be placed on their portal. This is no groundbreaking endeavor, as they have made similar arrangements in the past.

What this again points out is that even if your content is King, it can only be King to those who have a chance to see it.

The other way is to do it like, with a full re-launch. They are doing it completely on their own, without external placement on a mega-portal like Yahoo. To get the real goodies [more live streams, plus ad-free content], viewers must cough up a relatively steep $9.95/month.

CNN’s online video offering, Pipeline, splits the options, by housing free material on their site, and through Yahoo, as well as charging a [smaller] premium for the premium goodies. We looked at that in October.

It will be interesting to see which approach works best for these major players, all with different strengths. It is different ways of getting that King, content, in front of the viewer.

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