Sirius Satellite TV in your car?

[ image courtesy of arlo_j / Flickr ]

Sirius this week, as reported by Red Herring, announced that their subscriber projections were off by about 200,000. Their stock fell $0.31 per share as a result.

Investors were not buoyed enough by a prior announcement, via a USA Today story that details their plans to have satellite television in cars by the end of 2007. That was worth a bump of $0.11/share, quickly eaten up by that other announcement.

While driving down the interstate, I see many people entertaining the backseat passengers with these little video screens in the cars. Right now, they are almost entirely utilized for DVD playback. [Lots of animated features, one would imagine.]

Now Sirius looks to be the first provider of video for autos. It is a logical progression, given the pipeline they have into thousands upon thousands of cars on the road, many with screens and drivers ready to retire that one DVD that has been played a thousand times.

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