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Author Ben Schott [ Schott’s Almanac 2007 ] was recently interviewed by Radar Online. Schott’s books have filled a niche that were in my world filled by the annual editions of the Guiness Book of World Records; odd miscellany that like-minded folks might find interesting.

He posits that his writing style is much like a filter, and goes on to say this:

What’s increasingly interesting about modern media is its filters: if you actually look at websites, technology from TiVo to iPods to blogs, it’s all about filter. What we mean when we say we like a blog or we like a website is that we like somebody’s filter. And we have several filters for different things. Of course our friends are filters. Word of mouth is the ultimate filter. So what I try to do is act as a personal filter.

As consumers navigate the paradox of abundance, filters become a greater part of the media experience. Think about it — what are your filters?

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