Many are fond of it

Right now, in Las Vegas, a big event is going down. It is the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show, and it started today.

There are many dazzling devices there for sure, but one is of particular note. It is the InFusion portable Internet radio. The show’s organizers, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA®) thinks quite highly of it. They bestowed this upon the manufacturer, Torian Wireless Limited: the International CES Innovations 2007 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree status.

Consumers should take note, as this would be interesting alternative for folks tired of thier iPods, but also tired of the local radio dial. All you need to do is bring this to a WiFi HotSpot and you have access to thousands and thousands of Internet radio “stations” [the term is becoming more and more obsolete] from all across the globe. No computer needed. Just this little device, about the same size of a standard iPod.

Broadcasters should take note as well, for all of the obvious reasons. You either have new competition or a new outlet, depending on where your strategic plans stand.

This comes on the heels of a story from the BBC indicating that the “early adopters” curve is tightening. Folks are adapting more quickly than ever before.

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