It is simple, you see.

If you’ve been on YouTube, you know that there is a ton of crap on there. There are many interesting, creative, and profound things there, but many many more 13 second clips of failed skateboard jumps or webcam sing-alongs to pop songs. For the most part, the length is limited to 10 minutes, and the resolution is average at best.

What if I want serious entertainment that I can view at decent resolution? What if my definition of entertainment is feature-length independent films and not shaky clips of Mentos in Coke bottles?

Jaman is here to save the day. This service, premiered at the Demo 2007 conference in Palm Desert, CA, may just be the answer. WebWare correspondent Erica Ogg details the service here.

Here is the deal:

  • Full length films
  • HD or better quality
  • per-film rental for $1.99, own it for $3 more
  • sidebar comments section for the director, or viewers!

No Hollywood blockbusters will be landing here, most likely, but that is not their intent. This service aims to provide an outlet for films that may not get widespread distribution in the US or abroad. [While we know that Hollywood is a filter, it is not necessarily a reliable one.]

Again, it appears simple: find your niche, serve those of a like mind, charge a fair price, and everyone wins.


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