Extremes of the state of journalism.

[ image courtesy of Steve Rhodes / Flickr ] Maria Bartiromo of CNBC has come under fire recently for some questionable “mixing with sources” that might call into question her objectivity. She was flown on Citicorp’s jets to China. Another lavish Citicorp event included a stay at a spa resort to pick the Robb Report’s […]

Share and Share Alike.

[ image courtesy of larskflem /Flickr ] A recent opinion piece appeared on CNET that ponders the future of content distribution. Authored by someone that might admit to some bias, Les Ottolenghi, CEO of peer-to-peer [P2P] distribution company Intent MediaWorks, the piece speaks of standard distribution as we know it ending. In a world where […]

PERFORM Act to set Internet Radio back.

[ image courtesy of fatcontroller / Flickr ] In January, Diane Feinstein, the Democratic Senator from California, re-introduced legislation that would deal a possibly harsh blow to the world of internet radio. This bill as originally introduced in 2006, S. 2644, is titled “Platform Equality and Remedies for Rights Holders in Music Act of 2006.” […]