Online Radio Troubles

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Teh internets are all a-buzz today with the news of a decision from the Copyright Royalty Board [CRB].

As we discussed before, the CRB determined that a royalty rate hike on songs played by internet radio streams was in order. There is a fine article at the BBC that lays out the details once again.

Yesterday’s decision by the CRB states that they will not overturn their previous decision to significantly increase royalties paid on each song played on an internet radio station. There was hope that there would be some leeway and a compromise could be reached, but this decision sinks that hope. Now, the only action left is to conduct “negotiaions” via litigation in the court system.

Musician David Byrne has taken a stance on the issue, and it makes for good reading. It is especially relevant, being that Byrne is both a musician and internet radio broadcaster.

The advocacy site put together this video, in the style of your average campaign commercial:

One thought on “Online Radio Troubles

  1. One question I’m really trying to answer is, could independent artists (those who actually control their own products, that is) selectively “opt out” of the royalty issue? Could they grant specific broadcasters the right to play their music without paying into the royalty system? And if a network of royalty-free artists was created, would it attract indie broadcasters? Or would the prospect of having to construct shows without the benefit of U2 and Madonna be too restricting?

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