Are you a digital immigrant?

The ever-intriguing Media Post published an article about the divisions within the digital world. This is not the usual “digital divide” we hear of, the “haves and have-nots” issue that gets press. Instead, this addresses the division between the “Digital Natives” [DNs] and “Digital Immigrants” [DIs].

The article states that the two groups are divided by experience and sophistication. Age usually plays the biggest role, as it does here. [The kids get it.] The people in high school and college are the focus; they are using email the least of all of the digital technologies. In a world of SMS text, Twitter, and IM, it is no wonder–communications are simple, near instant, and convenient. Especially convenient as all three of these are available on most mobile phones. Rarely are the next generation more than a few moments from e-communication.

Highly recommended reading.

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