And you thought Radiohead was changing the game.

Sure, UK rock band Radiohead garnered many headlines last week by being the largest act to date to shun a standard record label arrangement and release their music on a pay-as-you-see-fit download basis. But they have nothing on The Weather Channel.

As I sit watching The Weather Channel [TWC] this morning, I saw what I thought was something along time coming: a TWC-branded smooth jazz CD. As you may or may not know, I have a largely hate-hate relationship with smooth jazz, but sometimes some of the music beds are an earwig.

Really, though, this feels like it is a day late and a dollar short. There are any number of ways TWC could be capitalizing on their “288 minutes per day” smooth jazz airtime. They could have an Amazon A-Store, with links from their playlists to each individual disc. Each sale affords them a percentage of revenue, people actually buy the items because they are familiar with Amazon, and everyone is happy. With the new Amazon MP3 store, they could even link to individual songs. They link to Amazon already, so preference of vendor concerns are not an issue, apparently.

However, given the demo targeted with their commercials, one might be led to believe that downloading songs is something that demo has little interest in.

For a little Weather Channel commentary, peep this vid from Lewis Black’s appearance on the channel:

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