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WiFi on your phone: game over, people.

Here it is, yet another phone with the WiFi access built in. This isn’t necessarily something new, but this will be the way of the future. I don’t wish to prattle on and on about mobiles, but more and more and more people around me on my daily commute are using them. And they are not talking on them. Email, text, but now more than ever: consuming content.

The unit pictured above is the Samsung XV6800, and it comes with Windows Moblie 6 [and therefore streaming audio capability] and expandable memory up to 4GB. You get WiFi and the EV-DO [Verizon’s somewhat high-speed data service.]

With some of my bus-riding compatriots plugging headphones into their phones radio people might shudder a bit. As we have said before, make your content easy to digest for as many formats as possible [pretty easy] and make yourselves relevant to the audiences in your communities [not as easy.]