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Yahoo to add video to photo sharing site Flickr

[ image courtesy of Robert of Fairfax / Flickr ]

Word on the street is that Yahoo, proud owners of one of the most prominent photo-sharing sites on the Internets, Flickr, will be offering video hosting.

This is interesting to me, in particular, as I downloaded the Flickr Uploadr for photos just this morning. [Soon I will have a great need to share photos, and this looks to be one of the easiest ways.]

There are some truly odd restrictions, though. According to this article, only Pro users [those paying the $24.95 annually] will have access, and even then they will only be able to upload videos with a duration of less than 90 seconds.

The other option is for folks to put their videos on YouTube for free. Videos up to 10 minutes in length. For free.

I don’t know that the value proposition is great enough for folks to pay the $25/year to have their videos next to their photos. As long as those videos are less than 90 seconds. There are more benefits to the Pro membership than this new video hosting, so perhaps those already paying will see it as an added benefit.

I would image that Yahoo’s reasoning behind the project is this:
1. Most videos that people want to share are less than 90 seconds
2. Most people are not interested in your video past the 90-sec mark.
3. Bandwidth cost savings.

Maybe I’ll go pro and report back. Who knows?