Cuil = epic search fail

With much enthusiasm I have each day tried to use the shiniest newest-est search engine around. Friends have told me about it, doing their requisite vanity searches.

Not me.

Can’t get any further than the opening page. All attempts at doing a search end in a timeout errors / page load errors.

Am I doing it wrong? Epic fail on my part or theirs?

At any rate, not a good place to start out…

Twitter has endured a number of outages and service interruptions, much to the chagrin of the user base. Are we seeing a new trend here? Is there so much focus on the concept that not enough emphasis is placed on simple considerations like bandwidth and capacity issues?

If we thought ideas spread fast before, now it is truly instantaneous. Witness yesterday’s earthquake. Seconds after it happened, some of my Twitter friends in LA posted about it. Moments later, a new internet meme was born. It was Tweeted and re-Tweeted all afternoon.

What normally would have taken a few days to make the rounds in the world of email a few years ago, now takes seconds in some communities.

As go memes, so goes the internets. If you are launching something, pad those numbers for bandwith & capacity. I can speak from experience that cutting corners here is a bummer for most involved.

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