Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Happy 200th Post, Content-ment. Plus, a Look Ahead.

Cheers, mate! (image: The Contented Drinker, by Adriaen Van Ostade)

In July 2006, I started a blog. This blog, in fact. Because I needed to know what blogging was all about.

Now, my CMS tells me it this post is my TWO HUNDREDTH POST.

So, instead of baking a blog cake with 200 candles, I thought I would do something more fitting. Like writing a blog post with both a look back and into the future.

Where this blog has been

I started this blog under the moniker of "Superfly Media." I even had the URL for a while. The name was a bit of an inside joke.

There were lots of posts about online and mobile technology and how it related to broadcasting. (I was working at Public Radio International at the time.)

In the meantime, some exciting things have happened.

One of the posts, "BBC and DRM, OMG," from this humble blog was excerpted on the BBC's Backstage blog. OMG, indeed.

Another post, "Content Curation versus Content Aggregation: A Velvet Mr. T Painting," was featured prominently in Steven Rosenbaum's book "Curation Nation." (Rosenbaum's book excerpt is on the Brain Traffic blog.) A book? My words, in a book? Even more OMG!

In 2009, I changed the name to Content-ment because:
  • It was a clever play on the notion of contentment and content
  • The old blog name lost its appeal and utility, as inside jokes do
  • The URL was available

The emphasis of the writing here has always been on content strategy, production, distribution, consumption, and its value. And it always will. For instance...

Where this blog is going

There is a big project coming.

A fun project. An exciting project. It'll happen right here, on this blog. Mostly.

I've been sketching out a series of posts about the changing dynamic of content ownership, consumption, and its impact on the content lifecycle. There are going to be a bunch of them. There will be infographics. Interviews. Probably more references to Miles Davis.

I can't wait to get it out into the open. And share it with you.

This project will end in a grand experiment, of sorts. In the cheeky tradition of Internet, I shall keep some of it a secret for now. That'll be part of the fun.

And, thanks for reading thus far

Some of you have been reading since day one. Others have just found it. Some have shared it, some have left comments. Some agreed with my thoughts, others not. I thank all of you for spending the time with it. Really, really, for real.

When I started in 2006, I just assumed that no one would read it. I am still in awe that anyone does. Thanks!

And now, The Dells singing "Dreams of Contentment."

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matthewgrocki said...

Happy 200th! What an amazing feat, made even more fantastic that you have been doing this since 2006.

I guess I qualify as a recent reader, but I'm still stoked to be part of the action and analyze your take on CS practices, often with your unmistakable whit and humor.

Looking forward to 200 more!!