Thursday, December 08, 2011

Busy Content Strategist Is Busy

It's been a busy couple of months. To say the least. In the meantime:

The fantastic Kristina Mausser asked me to write a post for the Follow the UX Leader blog. I was honored. So, I wrote a post about content strategy and managed to make it partly about whiskey. Go figure. I titled it "An Intoxicating Tale of Content Strategy." republished my "7 Steps to Keep Your Content from Sending You to Prison" post on their blog. Again, I was honored.

The Minneapolis/Saint Paul Content Strategy Meetup group invited me to speak about curation and content strategy at their November gathering. I did. Honored.

The Non-Profit Spark podcast interviewed me about content and governance. As you might imagine, I was honored. (Plus, I got to use the ol' velvety baritone radio voice again.) Download it. Or dig it:

Finally, I accepted an offer for a Senior Content Strategist role at a major financial services company. I get to work on content things and stuff ALL DAY LONG. It's like some sort of weird content dream come true for this unabashed content strategy geek.

In summary, I am posting this to reassure you that I'm not being a total slacker. There are some interesting ideas under construction for 2012. To prove it, I hereby submit this old-school "under construction" animated .gif.
("busy schedule?" image from Flickr user flik (CC: BY))

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