Music = video games & deodorant

[ image courtesy of Jordon / Flickr ] As I sit listening to a real CD, I am nearly put to tears today about where the music industry has tread. Two announcements passed before my eyes:1. Def Leppard art debuting their new single in video game “Guitar Hero III” [thanks Shiny Shiny]2. Hip-hop producer Jermaine […]

Yahoo to add video to photo sharing site Flickr

[ image courtesy of Robert of Fairfax / Flickr ] Word on the street is that Yahoo, proud owners of one of the most prominent photo-sharing sites on the Internets, Flickr, will be offering video hosting. This is interesting to me, in particular, as I downloaded the Flickr Uploadr for photos just this morning. [Soon […]

The more things change…

[ image courtesy of karindalziel / Flickr ] …the more they stay the same. Symantec, the company that provides millions of folks with their Norton anti-virus software, has put some resources into a project that will give a better understanding of online behaviors. This survey is interesting because of its multi-national [eight countries, in total] […]