Is that a complete news studio in your pocket, or…

Have you ever been witness to some piece of technology, earlier dismissed, that now proves to be a an obvious chunk of awesome? Count me in on the streaming live video front now. As the McCain/Palin ticket graced the fringes of the Twin Cities metro on Friday I had a unique opportunity to witness some […]

I am not making this up: Tastebook

My wife is a fabulous cook. She gets her ideas from all over the place — family, friends, cookbooks, and, most recently, the Internets. for years she has been a frequent visitor of popular site Epicurious has been one of those places that was ahead of the social media curve in the same sense […]

iTunes #2, for now.

[ image courtesy of kunstlab / Flickr ] Arkansas juggernaut seller of all things Wal-Mart had better keep an eye over shoulder. Business Week reports that iTunes has surpassed Best Buy and Target to become the #2 music retailer. states that the download store sold 20 million tracks on Christmas day 2007. In one […]