Apple wants to kill your mixtape.

Buying music used to be much easier. You heard a song on the radio and if you liked it you could buy 78rpm record for the Victrola. Later, the 45 rpm 7″ single. Or LP, cassette, or 8-track. With the 8-track or cassette, you could even make a “mixtape” of songs that you like. Or […]

Many are fond of it

Right now, in Las Vegas, a big event is going down. It is the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show, and it started today. There are many dazzling devices there for sure, but one is of particular note. It is the InFusion portable Internet radio. The show’s organizers, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA®) thinks quite highly of […]

TV on the Internet

[ image courtesy of maury m. / Flickr ] The BBC reports that UK television viewing on televisions has decreased due to folks watching television on their computers and mobile devices. This flies in the face of what is, by all accounts, a global stampede on the large, widescreen LCD televisions. Once again we are […]