iTunes #2, for now.

[ image courtesy of kunstlab / Flickr ] Arkansas juggernaut seller of all things Wal-Mart had better keep an eye over shoulder. Business Week reports that iTunes has surpassed Best Buy and Target to become the #2 music retailer. states that the download store sold 20 million tracks on Christmas day 2007. In one […]

An ISP tax for music downloads, or back to vinyl LPs?

[ image courtesy of Frank B. Daugaard / Flickr ] As we travel further and further down the road of music commerce, more exit ramps pop up with the solution to the problem of illegal downloads. Radiohead gave fans the chance to pay as much as they wanted for their new record [even if that […]

Apple wants to kill your mixtape.

Buying music used to be much easier. You heard a song on the radio and if you liked it you could buy 78rpm record for the Victrola. Later, the 45 rpm 7″ single. Or LP, cassette, or 8-track. With the 8-track or cassette, you could even make a “mixtape” of songs that you like. Or […]