Music = video games & deodorant

[ image courtesy of Jordon / Flickr ] As I sit listening to a real CD, I am nearly put to tears today about where the music industry has tread. Two announcements passed before my eyes:1. Def Leppard art debuting their new single in video game “Guitar Hero III” [thanks Shiny Shiny]2. Hip-hop producer Jermaine […]

Rumor: iPods and unlimited music

[ image courtesy of Mickipedia / Flickr ] If you are like me, then you are following all things that are related to the iPhone and music. If you are not, then you might be surprised to hear the rumors that Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, is having some discussions that would have some interesting […]

iTunes #2, for now.

[ image courtesy of kunstlab / Flickr ] Arkansas juggernaut seller of all things Wal-Mart had better keep an eye over shoulder. Business Week reports that iTunes has surpassed Best Buy and Target to become the #2 music retailer. states that the download store sold 20 million tracks on Christmas day 2007. In one […]