CNN Shirt [Beta]

Here is a novel idea — take headlines, and put them on t-shirts, on demand. Clever, ironic, and just the thing for all of your news-following hipster friends. I noticed this on the CNN website for the first time today — there is a little t-shirt-shaped icon next to some of the stories with intriguing […]

BBC World News on YouTube

The international component of the BBC, BBC World News has established a presence to non-UK web audience on that internet video service you may well have heard about — YouTube. According to their website: “BBC World is the BBC’s commercially funded, international 24-hour news and information channel, broadcast in English in more than 200 countries […]

Post your content proper, or else.

Comedy Central has taken another crack at a redesign of their online content interface [website]. Their high-profile past issues with video content was much discussed on teh Internets. We even discussed it at length last November. They took what was then the unpopular approach of taking their content back from the user-posted world. Comedy Central, […]