I rented a movie from Amazon

[image: Flickr via user aka Kath (cc: by)] I like to take things slow sometimes. I never bought a VCR – the one I used for years was won at the University of Northern Iowa Jazz Band concert. It was a door prize. The grand prize. I did spend three bills on a DVD player […]

Amazon: Video on Demand

[ image courtesy of moneboh / Flickr ] Our friends at Amazon.com this week announced a Beta of their video on demand service. It has been described by the EVP of Amazon, Bill Carr, as an outgrowth of their Unbox video download service. People were bummed they had to wait for the video to download […]

Peerless Iowa Flood coverage

The floods of 2008 have been covered in a way that those of 1993 and 1999 were not. This has been close to my heart, as I have family that was affected by these floods. My grandparents’ home was rendered uninhabitable by the flood waters, so naturally I wanted to know what was going on […]