090909 was a time machine

Three items happened in the past week that made me think that I stepped out of a time machine rather than the bus. 1. The Beatles had their albums reissued on CD2. The iPod Nano update included a FM radio3. The Chevy Volt electric car will now include a hitch so that it can be […]

Music = video games & deodorant

[ image courtesy of Jordon / Flickr ] As I sit listening to a real CD, I am nearly put to tears today about where the music industry has tread. Two announcements passed before my eyes:1. Def Leppard art debuting their new single in video game “Guitar Hero III” [thanks Shiny Shiny]2. Hip-hop producer Jermaine […]

iTunes #2, for now.

[ image courtesy of kunstlab / Flickr ] Arkansas juggernaut seller of all things Wal-Mart had better keep an eye over shoulder. Business Week reports that iTunes has surpassed Best Buy and Target to become the #2 music retailer. AppleInsider.com states that the download store sold 20 million tracks on Christmas day 2007. In one […]