Users generate content, Old Media uses it.

MediaPost recently discussed findings by JupiterResearch that indicate half of online users are creating or consuming user-generated content. One-third of the 55+ set are doing the same. Travel Channel’s “What’s Your Trip,” hosted by the colorful cook, author, and television host Anthony Bourdain, features user-submitted travel videos. If they are good enough, they make it […]

Laudable feature: FM Tuner

I have criticized the iPod time and again for not including an FM tuner. Apple will sell you an FM Tuner for $50 to plug into that iPod of yours. It is not included when you buy an iPod. It is a bit clumsy, since it lives outside of the iPod. We talked about this […]

Buying cars and public radio.

[ image courtesy of .:sandman / Flickr ] The Media Audit released a report detailing the effects of the public radio on new car buyers. This should be welcome news for all of those involved in underwriting. Nothing new here. A quote from the report, from David Schackmann, Corporate Sales Manager for Cincinnati Public Radio: […]