Amazon: Video on Demand

[ image courtesy of moneboh / Flickr ] Our friends at this week announced a Beta of their video on demand service. It has been described by the EVP of Amazon, Bill Carr, as an outgrowth of their Unbox video download service. People were bummed they had to wait for the video to download […]

The Internets are bound for the sewer.

[ image courtesy of Joe M500 / Flickr ] The Internets are bound for the sewer. Literally. The BBC has a story today about an Ofcom pronouncement that indicates the new home of the mega-fast internets could be in the sewer. Basically, this is not that big of a deal. France is doing it already. […]

BBC & Yahoo work with The King

[ image courtesy of freekorps / Flickr ] Content giants Yahoo and the BBC have just inked a deal where Yahoo will get 30 BBC news clips each day to be placed on their portal. This is no groundbreaking endeavor, as they have made similar arrangements in the past. What this again points out is […]