An Intoxicating Tale of Content Strategy

An effective content strategy bridges the critical gap between online and offline worlds, and the gaps between departments. When a content strategy is put in place, business goals will be met more easily, and people’s expectations with the brand will be fulfilled. I’ll drink to that. A new product, a new opportunity There it sat, […]

Exit Music for a Website: Decommissioning

Where we ate, poor apostrophe use and all. We’ve all seen it – a website that is woefully out-of-date as a result of something significant happening. Business closure, acquisition, loss of funding for a particular initiative. Websites have a peculiar tendency to stick around in a way that other media don’t have to worry about […]

Publishers, Know Thy Content

Having someone in the content publishing process or workflow familiar with the content itself is more important than many realize. Content creation: roles to fill Lots of roles need to be filled to create useful, usable content. Business and customer needs must be assessed. An audit of current content should be completed to avoid unnecessary […]