In my day, we didn’t have ______ .

[Photo of grumpy old man courtesy of avdgaag]

Robert X. Cringely wrote a cranky July 20 column on the website about the superiority of news on the web versus the good old fashioned newspaper. He goes on to cite a “recent” study that was actually published in May of 2005, based upon the broswing habits of visitors to a single website in Hungary. I suppose one could extrapolate that the web habits of Hungarians over a year ago fully relate to the current international community’s news consumption habits.

Instead, I see someone that is looking to have a luddite view justified.

Moving on now; from the article:
The New York Times, for example, has an average of 25 stories each day in its business section and every one of those stories can be read online. But only a handful are presented as headlines in the Times web edition. So unless you are very diligent about ferreting it out, at least 75 percent of the Times’ business content is invisible and unread online.

Perhaps someone should introduce him to the concept of the Long Tail. That article was written in October 2004, so Cringley should have known about it around December of 2005…

He goes on to carp about telephony and VOIP as well. Here is a quote:

“I talk to people on the phone.”

Thanks. Now get in your Buick and go to Denny’s. The rest of us need to get back to the 21st century.

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