AAA music listeners and their habits

SBR creative media just released study and I am highlighting it, because I know you have an insatiable appetite for reports. This is titled “National Triple A Radio and Music Study.” Several stations were tapped, and at least three of them were public radio stations. The surveys were on the stations’ websites for their listeners to complete.

They are very active in their listening, and go about it in diverse ways, moreso than two years ago, when a similar study was conducted. Obviously, radio listening is strong for this group, but it has remained so in spite of all of the new avenues of listening — there was not a measured decline in this study in that regard.

3% of listeners do the most of their listening via burned CDs. Let’s hope they are a bit more mindful of some of the kids nowadays…

4 thoughts on “AAA music listeners and their habits

  1. Re the last link… Perhaps our fine Republican congress could be convinced that the venerable tradition of the mix tape is vital to the ongoing promotion of the Suburban-WASP mating ritual, without which the insitution of marriage (the foundation of western culture!) might collapse, and get it a special dispensation. Nice try from the RIAA to coin the made-up term “songlifting.” That’s gonna catch on for sure.

  2. Caveat emptor on the study:

    It should be noted that because of the web-based and voluntary nature of the survey sample,
    these data are not necessarily representative of the general population, the general radio listening
    audience or even of the general Triple A listening audience.

  3. Good point about the caveat emptor; however, it may give us a unique insight into the habits of a given group. It may not be representative of the general population, but it shows us what the users of AAA radio station website users are up to.

    It is a narrow group, but a technologically savvy and media aware one as well. Early adopters, core listeners, and informed consumers — largely a group to which we would like to appeal.

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