iPod in the car

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This Information Week article speaks of auto manufacturers’ recent [and late] adoption of the iPod interface. This interface appears to be divided into two camps: one that allows full control of the device with the car stereo, and others requiring the driver to use their thumb just as they would were it not hooked up to a vehicle.

The numbers alone are astonishing. From the article:
But by 2007, in fact, more than 70 percent of all U.S.-based car makers will offer iPod integration.

More drivers at that point will have a simpler manner to tune away from Morning Edition. Lots of folks already have an iPod, and they do not require a monthly fee, like satellite radio.

2 thoughts on “iPod in the car

  1. They may not necessarily tune away from Morning Edition per se. People might start downloading ME or other public radio programs podcasts into their Ipod before they drive. What they will not do as often is tune into local stations to hear ME.

    But … carmakers might be a little late in the game, but they are retooling awfully fast to get their cars Ipod-ready for the next model year. How many auto manufacturers are bending over backwards to get HD radio in their cars?? One BMW model does not adoption make.

  2. I think there are a few things going on. One is that adding a line in plug for an MP3 player is a simple technical add-on that need not be brand specific. No need to choose a provider like sattelite radio, no need to install relatively expensive equipment, and if a person doesn’t feel like keeping up a subscription they don’t feel like they’ve got this extraneous gadget in the car, just a hole they don’t plug anything into.

    I think it will reduce people listening to stuff on the radio randomly but people who like a particular show will still tune in even if they also plug in their ‘pod. For the vast majority of people I think MP3 player plugins will be sheerly about more choices where music only is concerned.

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