iPod killer will have an FM radio

Some clever folks worked their way into the FCC’s unprotected Office of Engineering and Tech website, and found that item “CJ6UMEK30AWL” happens to be the new portable music player that has the web all a-buzz: the Microsoft Zune player. Toshiba will manufacture. [You can even read the request for confidentiality here.]

It has been some time since there has been a player on the scene that has been called a true potential competitor for the iPod. It has about 73% of the market share. Preying upon the weaknesses of the Apple’s cash cow and utilizing the ubiquity of the Microsoft brand seems to be the most logical way into that 73%.

Here is a surprise: the Zune has an FM radio. Congrats, Microsoft. Really. It would make good business sense to appeal to those 250,000,000+ radio listeners here in the US. The recently updated Bridge Ratings reports predict that this will taper only slightly in the next 15 or so years.

There is now a serious contender in the portable digital music player market, and it has the potential to put another FM radio into more hands.

One thought on “iPod killer will have an FM radio

  1. It also has a LAN.

    Just goes to show the MS is doing what MS has achieved with major apps …improving on someone else’s concept. (See Windows, Internet Explorer, Word).

    Let’e just see what the price point is, though, before we rush our and buy the thing

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