Friendly radio guide, or veiled shill for HD Radios?

RadioSherpa has just been released in Beta. The name is as clever as the interface. Currently available only in the Boston area, RadioSherpa offers, in real time, what is playing on Boston radio stations, including the HD multicast channels. It is a more sexy and sophisticated version of similar online guides, created for the benefit and betterment of all humanity.

As you dig further into the site, it is revealed that there are MANY mentions of HD Radio, including give-aways for the radios themselves. The Boston Acoustics model, in particular.

It all comes together — a guide to all stations in Boston, with many mentions of HD Radio, and the Boston Acoustics featured product. This is all a front for shilling the good old Boson Acoustics Recepter radio. Though fraught with troubles, this model and its cumulative & antecendent investments represents several eggs in their basket.

What is more insidious is the inclusion of a faux blog. A prominently placed link in the upper-right corner leads one to a blog that would appear cool to those who aren’t quite sure of what cool is. They may as well have put sunglasses on it and gave it a skateboard. HD Radio, have you jumped the shark?

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