Ofcom is REALLY prolific.

Remeber yesterday when I said that Ofcom was prolific? If you didn’t believe me, here are 324 additional pages, released today, with which I shall refute you. [This is in addition to the 221-page report they released yesterday.] They have put together a set of essays from a series of knowledgeable experts from across the […]

Ofcom is prolific & controversial

[ image courtesy of smagdali / Flickr ] Ofcom, the UK’s equivalent of the FCC, issuer of immense reports, and water branding mavens [?], has had a busy week. First, they issued a statement that stopped just short of whacking the last coffin nail on AM & FM in the UK. They argue that the […]

Podcasting & staying power

On the day before Thanksgiving, the PEW Internet and American Life Project released a report on podcasting. It’s results tells of the lack of staying power with podcasts. While 12% of internet users had downloaded a podcast [up from 7% in the prior sweep], only 1% download them on a typical day. More people tried […]