My iPod gets plugged in.

That is a shot of the 2007 Saturn Ion’s dashboard. I rented this car while in Georgia. Notice the cable coming out of the radio — it leads to my iPod Nano, which rests in a perfectly iPod-sized area right above the radio itself. I bought that cable at Radio Shack for $5.49. That is all it cost to have a full-fidelity, hardwire connection to an iPod with no fussy FM transmitter. Only $5.49.

This photo is from later in the day, when I arrived at my hotel room in Atlanta. There are five buttons on top of this otherwise normal-looking bedside clock radio. Four of them were radio station preset buttons labeled “News/Talk”, “Classical”, “Jazz”, and something else [I can’t recall]. The fifth was labeled “MP3.” A short cable comes out of back of the unit, and you plug your player right in. I listened to a portion one of my favorite music podcasts: Soulsearching, a radio show from Frankfurt. I listened to more of it on my flight home.

I gotta say, people are making it really easy to bypass radio right now.

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