Ofcom is REALLY prolific.

Remeber yesterday when I said that Ofcom was prolific? If you didn’t believe me, here are 324 additional pages, released today, with which I shall refute you. [This is in addition to the 221-page report they released yesterday.]

They have put together a set of essays from a series of knowledgeable experts from across the globe. The focus is international and broken down into five categories: Trends and Challenges, The Changing Nature of Regulation in the Public Interest, Economic Regulation Beyond 2010, Utilizing the Airwaves, and Global Areas of Focus.

This is a massive set of writings. Ofcom is actually having it published, and making it available for £25. I haven’t had a chance to make it through yet, but I imagine there are many gems contained therein. If you do read it, post your comments here, if you would.

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