The Tube Music Network: HD multicasting on TV

While watching television at the in-laws this weekend, I was surprised to see a promo for a very different television service. The local Fox affiliate, KDSM, in Des Moines, is picking up the syndicated service “The Tube Music Network” on their HD multicast channel, 17.2. [Their primary HD signal is on 17.1.]

The Tube Music Network
has been around for several months, offering a service similar to that of MTV or VH1, without all of the hokey non-music programming. Business Week reported in January that the service will focus on the 35+ demo, and will air only six minutes of commercials each hour. Many stations across the country are airing the service, as seen on the “Where to watch” page of the Tube Music Network website. They have coverage in 8 of the top 10 markets, both on HDTV multicast and digital cable channels.

It appears that The Tube Music Network has taken advantage of two things. First, they are providing a demographic with a service that the other music video services have avoided, and second, they are utilizing a new distribution path and riding all of the subsequent press & attention that something new brings. [The new car smell phenomenon.] If this were another cable music video channel, there would have been little fanfare. A victory in marketing as much as content.

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