Radio Consolidation Ten Years After

The Future of Music Coalition released a report detailing the effects of radio consolidation ten years after the signing of the Telecommunication Act of 1996. [For the super eager, you can read the full Act right here.]

It should be noted that the Coalition likely has a stake in the outcome of such a study, but its findings were interesting nonetheless. The hard numbers can be surprising, as evidenced by this graph, showing the ownership of station by the top 50 owners:

Other salient points are made, many of which one can deduce by simply turning on a radio [lack of format choice, similarity among the formats available, overlap of formats in single markets].

It would have been interesting to have the perspective of some of the consultants that work with these mega-owners that actually agree with many of the findings. They, too, would have chimed in to say, “It didn’t really work.”

Many other songwriters and musicians in Nashville got together to bemoan consolidation, reports the Tenneseean.

WNET’s Bill Baker has an eloquent post about this on his BLOG thirteen.

Even the country superstar George Jones’ wife was getting in on the discussion in Nashville. She started a row on air with a host at one of the Clear Channel-owned stations. Mr. Jones himself must have been too busy cooking the sausage to chime in.

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