Mobile photo/video journalism

[ from ] The image above is a screencap of a local television news report that was put on the internet; it features footage of a fire scene as taken by a bystander’s cameraphone. This report is a superb example of how the news gathering/viewing process has been fundamentally changed. Twenty years ago it […]

Rejected, then validated, and validated again.

Lisa Donovan has had a sweet bit of revenge as of late. She moved to LA, as many aspiring talents may, only to be rejected by the superior Saturday evening sketch comedy program “Mad TV.” After hearing of the possibilities that YouTube might offer, she posted some videos there. YouTube is where I happened upon […]


[ image courtesy of tgigreeny / Flickr ] The BBC Backstage is an initiative created to encourage “open innovation” with BBC materials. Their site suggests that even though innovation like this was frowned upon in the past, it will now be fomented there. From the site: The BBC will support social innovation by encouraging users’ […]