Rejected, then validated, and validated again.

Lisa Donovan has had a sweet bit of revenge as of late.

She moved to LA, as many aspiring talents may, only to be rejected by the superior Saturday evening sketch comedy program “Mad TV.”

After hearing of the possibilities that YouTube might offer, she posted some videos there.

YouTube is where I happened upon Ms. Donovan whilst browsing. Known there as Lisa Nova, her is one of the seven subscriptions I have on that site. They are some of the most consistent and humorous clips there. Her stats are quite impressive:

  • 25,000+ subscribers
  • ranked #12 in the most subscribed
  • almost 7,000,000 clip views

As I sat watching “Mad TV” this weekend, one of the players in one of the sketches looked familiar. It was none other than Lisa DoNovan herself. It turns out that “Mad TV” offered her a gig on the show.

7 million views on YouTube, and “Mad TV” came back groveling. Sweet revenge!

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