TV on the Phone

[ image via Texas Instruments ] No, that isn’t some weapon from Star Trek pictured above. It is what a phone might look like when equipped with a new miniature projector. CNET News reports that the folks at Texas Instruments have come up with a miniaturized version of the same technology used in big-screen projection […]

The exclusive record deal.

Exclusivity used to mean a different thing in the recording industry. When an artist was signed to a record label, the contracts stipulated what the artist could and could not do in terms of recording [i.e. no recording for other labels, required completion of a certain number of albums, etc.] That exclusivity did not apply […]

HD Radio, for real?

[ image courtesy of dctourism / Flickr ] It is a big day today for radio. The FCC is meeting, as I type. On the agenda for the day a vote for final approval of IBOC [aka HD Radio.] This vote has been pending for many, many months. Last year it was delayed due to […]