State of the News 2007

[ image courtesy of jamesjyu / Flickr ]

The state of journalism & news is always being examined by those inside of the game. Every once in a while, it bubbles up to the mainstream and offers clarity and confusion for those consuming the output without a critical eye or ear. Three such examples we examine today:

Each year the Project for Excellence in Journalism releases its survey of the news world. This year’s full report is over 700 pages long. We will be digesting this in chunks, thankfully, and posting any revelations here. MediaShift has an interview with PEJ’ s director Tom Rosenstiel, which sheds some light on the methodolgies and changes that have taken place in the survey over the past couple of years.

PBS’s Frontline recently completed a major series on the news as well, titled “News War.” This four-part series examined several aspects of the news ecosystem, including economic and political pressures, as well as the changing dynamic between creators and users. It is available for viewing online.

Finally, Dan Rather was interviewed on the internet-only show “Rocketboom” while at South by Southwest. Rather is Frank about his views in this short bit. Interesting to hear a veteran’s perspective on the old & new media forms on one of the new media formats…


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