Viral marketing, extrapolated: NIN.

In my high school years, I couldn’t get enough of industrial-rock group nine inch nails [NIN]. Several albums later and the man behind the band, Trent Reznor, is about to release another full-length: Year Zero.

Ordinarily, such things would not make the Superfly Media blog. However, I felt that the lengths to which this marketing campaign travels are a worthy testament to the power of sophisticated and dedicated consumers making full use of the internet & related technologies. What happened over the past few weeks demands attention.

In three dates in February, USB memory sticks were found in bathrooms at European NIN shows. These memory sticks contained a variety of things, from video clips and images, as well as MP3 files. Some of the video and audio clips contained or were completely composed of static. When that static was analyzed, it revealed images and telephone number. When dialed, this number yields other pieces to this increasingly complex enigma.

The audio and video files were quickly uploaded to teh internets and just like that, an instant marketing campaign was realized. A marketing buzzword of late is viral marketing, and this is its logical progression. This shows the value of the sophisticated media now available and the users with it at their full control.

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