Monetizing social networking & NBC coming soon

Advertisers are looking to get the most out of the social networking craze, as one might expect. The changes are addressed by’s article “Social Network Ad Scramble.”

As the phenomenon expands and becomes more granulated, it may prove to be easier for ad providers to effectively target consumers.

We have referred to the splintering of social networking sites before, and I have a feeling it won’t be the last time we visit it.

The latest example I discovered was at They have yet to launch their social networking component, but they are making an effort to inform visitors to the site that it is coming, as you can see in the snip to the right. Clicking on that link takes users to a page that details the upcoming wonderment that will come. Here we go:

“In June, we’re launching the social network, allowing all of our fans to connect with each other and interact with our shows in exciting new ways. Some of the features you can expect when you join the social network include: personalized profiles, buddies, video galleries, photo galleries, blogs, groups, message boards, and widgets.”

They have the content, so doing this makes some degree of sense.

One thought on “Monetizing social networking & NBC coming soon

  1. The problem with commercial media getting in this social media act is about loyalty. Are people loyal to networks or to shows? If each show had its own social media platform (and not just some obvious template of a network platform), then this strategy begins to make more sense. Honestly, for the big 4 networks, it’s all just TV to me.

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