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Edison Media and Arbitron have released a report detailing the usage habits of consumers of audio. Not a great deal has changed; online listening and awareness of satellite radio services remain flat, almost everyone uses a mobile phone and an AM/FM radio at some point during the week, and iPods continue to sell. It is a good survey of where things stand at the moment, and it keeps in check notions of how quickly things are changing for those not in close proximity to it.

The awareness of HD Radio, according to the report, has almost doubled but not translated into people buying the sets, or even considering it. Perhaps the inclusion of the HD Radio product line at Best Buy stores will change some minds.

Americans have $1,200 to spend annually, on average, according to the folks at the Consumer Electronics Association, via the CNet News Blog. Households with teenagers in them spend $500 more than that. Teens themselves are spending about $350 each year. Some of them will go to Best Buy, and some will buy HD Radios.

One thought on “Time & Money

  1. And some will buy new-fangled cell phones and some will buy iPods and some will buy laptops and some will buy HD TVS (ok — the really really rich teens will do that). That $500 does by fast.

    Until HD goes gportable, it is still going to lag and lag.

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