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Verizon Wireless, a mobile phone service provider and popular topic around here, recently began airing ads for a new service called “VCAST Song ID.” VCAST is the name given to the rich-media service Verizon offers to its subscribers. Music ID is a clever, albeit not new idea. When a user is out and about and […]

Rights & The Third Screen

[ image courtesy of ee seuu / Flickr ] Verizon sent me a direct mail piece some weeks ago telling me about the debut of their mobile TV service, and we covered that phenomenon here at Superfly. More and more providers are offering video service on mobile phones, and content providers are rushing to get […]

Laudable feature: FM Tuner

I have criticized the iPod time and again for not including an FM tuner. Apple will sell you an FM Tuner for $50 to plug into that iPod of yours. It is not included when you buy an iPod. It is a bit clumsy, since it lives outside of the iPod. We talked about this […]